Radio Hill participating in 2018 Singapore Air Show

Radio Hill Technologies is excited to announce our participation in the 2018 Singapore Air Show from February 6-9. We will be at Booth Q101 in the American pavilion and would love for you to stop by and say hello. The Radio Hill team will be on hand providing demonstrations of our popular Dronebuster product which recently hit the 200 product delivery mark milestone in Q4 of 2017. We are excited to continue to expand and connect with our customers from across the globe to help with their drone security needs. The Singapore Air Show is Asia’s largest Aerospace and Defense Event  -- we are proud to be participating with Business Oregon in the American pavilion and look [...]

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Radio Hill delivers 200th Dronebuster to wrap up a strong 2017

Radio Hill completed a very strong 2017 by delivering our 200th block 3 Dronebuster hand-held detection and jamming system.  In less than six months of operation, our new factory in Portland Oregon came on line, up-to-speed, and has been delivering at a good pace.  A strong  order book from U.S. Department of Defense and NATO partners has kept the team busy.  We will continue to refine processes in the factory, with ISO 9001 certification underway. Radio Hill delivers its 200th Dronebuster before end of 2017. This  delivery marks a culmination of efforts from a small but strong team who's been working to grow our customer base worldwide  while we prepare  to broaden our product [...]

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Dronebuster has strong showing at BIDEC 2017 in Bahrain

The Dronebuster had a strong showing with Middle East partners ZONE Advanced Protection Systems at the annual Bahrain International Defense Expo and Conference (BIDEC) last week.  The show represents one of the biggest opportunities of the year to collaborate with middle eastern militaries and partner ZONE was able to attract lots of attention with a live Dronebuster at the show and several demonstrations to key Bahraini agencies. ZONE Managing Director Mal Fraser-Clay was kept busy discussing Dronebuster attributes with all agencies during the show and can be seen here in photos with quite a crowed showing interest.  This was the first time we've been able to get demonstrations setup in the middle east coincident with a [...]

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Radio Hill makes debut at AUSA in Washington DC

Radio Hill Technologies has a great showing at annual AUSA Expo in Washington DC. Radio Hill CEO Jake Sullivan and new Business Development Directory Jerry Parnin describe the Dronebuster to soldiers making the rounds at AUSA in Washington DC this month. The Dronebuster was displayed along with many other systems as part of the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition's (PNDC) booth. This was Radio Hill's first defense show with the Dronebuster and we were thrilled with the attention we received. The PNDC supports businesses large and small from Oregon and Washington.  Their commitment to a booth at AUSA 2017 allowed small business members to attend the show when it would otherwise be too costly to participate. [...]

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Radio Hill delivers 100th Dronebuster counter-UAS system

  100th production Dronebuster counter-UAS system Dronebuster counter drone solution continues to be the most effective hand-held drone detection and jamming system available.   This week Radio Hill Technologies delivered its 100th production block 3 Dronebuster hand-held counter-UAS system.  This has been an ongoing effort this year to get production system delivered to U.S. and NATO defense users while we get our new state-of-the-art production facility setup in Portland, Oregon. CTO Bryan Sydnor has been able to keep quality production moving over the past eight months in a make-shift facility in Long Beach, California while the Portland facility was being designed and laid out.  With a planned occupancy date of 1st September, Bryan will [...]

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DRONEBUSTER completes air interdiction testing this week

This week the Dronebuster completed a comprehensive series of tests with an unnamed U.S. agency for its potential use as an air interdiction C-UAS asset.  This testing took place at a closed range facility over several days using the agency aircraft.  The Dronebuster was operated by Radio Hill VP Clay Wild during both ground and air testing.   What was most encouraging during testing was the confirmation that the Dronebuster did not interfere with aircraft communications, allowing air crew to effectively coordinate intercepts with ground personnel.  We also found the effectiveness of the jamming was significantly enhanced at altitude.  It appears the Dronebuster could be an effective tool when used from rotary wing aircraft in a [...]

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Radio Hill Technologies’ new Portland, Oregon factory taking shape

Work is underway this month on our new factory being built out in a new multi-story building in Portland's Northwest business district.  Radio Hill signed a lease for space in July 2017 for a 4th floor section of the New York building on 22nd Avenue.  This new facility will provide over 2000 square feet of both production and office space. Work is scheduled to continue through the month of August with a planned occupancy date of early September 2017.

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Radio Hill to attend AUSA in October 2017

Radio Hill Technologies has committed to participating in the annual Association of the US Army exposition in Washington DC on October 9-11, 2017.  This major defense trade show offers Radio Hill the opportunity to show off the block 3 Dronebuster to multiple program offices and potential partners at this major event.  Radio Hill will also be showing our initial fixed-site jamming modules that could be used in any number of force protection applications.  These fixed-site modules have been on Radio Hill's product roadmap to debut late in 2017. Radio Hill is a member of the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition will be displaying in the PNDC booth No. 3725.  This is a 20' x 20' [...]

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Defense Logisitics Agency assigns NSN to Dronebuster

This week the Defense Logistics Agency assigned a National Stock Number (NSN) to the block 3 model Dronebuster in response to one of our customers.  This NSN also doubles as a NATO stock number, providing easy access to our NATO partners.  The assignment of an NSN promotes interoperability between services and partners and ensures life cycle support.  It validates the safety of the system and provides key tracking information for a services' or country's logistics system. Radio Hill is obviously very excited to partner with U.S. and NATO militaries in getting the Dronebuster tested and fielded in now, into the Federal Stock System.

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Air Force purchases DRONEBUSTER for Security Forces personnel

Radio Hill Technologies (RHT) has recently completed a contract for sale of one hundred Block 3 Dronebuster hand-held counter-drone detection and jamming systems for the US Air Force.  Contracting was done via the Air Force's Installation Contracting Agency at Barksdale, LA with deliveries starting immediately.  This is the third generation of the Dronebuster line of hand-held detection and jamming systems.  This model, released on 1st  November last year, was tested extensively by the Air Force as part of this competitive contract award.  The contract is in excess of $2.5 million dollars.  The block 3 includes improved range and reliability over previous models.  It has the ability to detect incoming RF signals to aid in aiming the [...]

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