Radio Hill delivers 100th Dronebuster counter-UAS system


100th production Dronebuster counter-UAS system

Dronebuster counter drone solution continues to be the most effective hand-held drone detection and jamming system available.


This week Radio Hill Technologies delivered its 100th production block 3 Dronebuster hand-held counter-UAS system.  This has been an ongoing effort this year to get production system delivered to U.S. and NATO defense users while we get our new state-of-the-art production facility setup in Portland, Oregon.

CTO Bryan Sydnor has been able to keep quality production moving over the past eight months in a make-shift facility in Long Beach, California while the Portland facility was being designed and laid out.  With a planned occupancy date of 1st September, Bryan will pass production responsibilities over to our new COO Greg Valentin.  Greg is looking forward to getting settled in and training up the production team.  Soon thereafter, we’ll be kicking our ISO and Quality programs into high gear, ensuring we have sustained excellence as we roll in additional products into our product line.

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