Counter UAV solutions for Military, Federal,
and Local Law Enforcement

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The ONLY handheld counter-drone solution approved by NATO and the US Military for Joint Operations

Improve Firefighting Efforts

Unauthorized drones in the airspace prevent Firefighters from utilizing helicopters and airplanes when most needed

Protect First-Responders and Property

Firefighting efforts are often negatively impacted by drone operators flying over the fires, preventing firefighting aircraft from delivering lifesaving support.

Responsive Base Security

Prevent attacks, surveillance and smuggling around bases, critical infrastructure and prisons.

Own Your Airspace

From major installations to Forward Operating Bases, deliver responsive, handheld counter-drone performance with a combat-proven solution.

Force Protection

On the move or stationary, keep drones away from what matters most

Force Protection

Rapidly and effectively deny area access to unwanted airborne intrusions. Dronebuster does its job so you can do yours. 

Effective. Lightweight. Simple. Powerful.

Drones present a wide variety of threats, and are easy to operate, fast to deploy, and come out of nowhere. Respond immediately with the only Combat Proven (TRL 9) man-portable counter-UAS system approved for joint US-NATO Operations.

Dronebuster delivers reliable, long range RF detection and jamming to stop drones midflight, and takes less than 20 minutes to learn. Contact us today for more info, or to arrange a demonstration.

Why Do Federal Agencies and Law Enforcement need Dronebuster?

Some recent incidents that could have been prevented by using the Dronebuster.

Drone crash lands at Merkel Event

A camera drone had a rough landing in front of Chancellor Angela Merkel at an election campaign event in Germany after police told its operator to bring down the craft.

Man detained outside White House for trying to fly drone

Secret Service detained a man Thursday afternoon who eyewitnesses tell CNN was trying to fly some sort of remote-controlled aerial device over the White House fence.

Drones hampered firefighters battling

Private drones hampered firefighters battling a raging wildfire in California Friday that swept over an interstate and torched 20 vehicles, fire officials said. NBC’s Gadi Schwartz reports.

News & Events

Regulating the Airspace

As most everyone knows, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) controls the airspace where drones fly along with all the other aircraft.  Small unmanned aircraft rules (Part 107) have been rolled out in June 2016 which provides operational limitations for commercial and recreational operators.  The vast majority of these drone operators comply with the FAA rules and operate the small drones safely.  However, some small drone operators are operating their drones in violation of the rules, and often times endangering other aircraft, or people & property.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) regulates the electronic bandwidth that drone operators use to control and navigate their drones and downlink the video.  Several frequencies have been allotted to for this purpose. The Dronebuster has the ability to jam these frequencies, which commands the drone to land or go home.  The FCC however, only allows Federal agencies to use jammers across the electronic spectrum in the U.S.  Regulations allowing State and local law enforcement agencies to use jamming devices is still pending.